[108], In the palace, Luffy stands over a fallen Bellamy, recalling the end of their fight. As he speaks, Usopp silently plots to run away when it is convenient. Until it is properly renovated, the original source website for most of the text is sourced from The One Piece Wiki[1]. However, he reaches the colosseum and states neither cops nor Marines can pass beyond there as it a law of the Doflamingo Family, even if they are chasing criminals. It also had another tunnel that connected it directly to Green Bit. However, Doflamingo easily massacred them and in a fit of rage made the Birdcage shrink faster. The people had the choice to either go after Doflamingo himself or hunt those 12 criminals in order to end Doflamingo's game, which otherwise would never be over. [111], Trebol holds Luffy down to give Doflamingo time to kill Law. Rosinante reveals that Law ate it and lies that Law is now on a Marine ship. [81], Back on the newly formed Royal Plateau's Second Level, Cavendish, Luffy, Law, and Kyros are making their way further up. Bartolomeo reminds Dellinger of his orders from Diamante to go aid Lao G in protecting the factory. For some odd reason, the dwarves around the island sense this "uneasiness" all of a sudden. Fujitora shouted his thanks to the pirates for saving Dressrosa, but was overheard by Sengoku. Law combats it while Luffy decides to go after the real one. Suddenly, Sanji appears sending a Diable Jambe kick into Doflamingo's leg. Seeing the kingdom burning, Kyros ventured to the kingdom to find out what was happening, telling Scarlett to wait for him at the Flower Field. Riku knew however before asking her if he took the throne again would she be ready to become a princess. [84], Luffy and Law head for the palace but not before Luffy tells Rebecca that he was glad she was okay and was also happy that he got to meet her father. Back at the factory, the dwarves battle against the guards who try to trick them into thinking they have their princess. Doflamingo kills Rosinante after realizing that his brother has betrayed him, but Rosinante is able to stay alive long enough for Law to escape alive. Kyros rushes Diamante who unleashes a powerful sword slash at him. The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, https://one-piece-manga.fandom.com/wiki/Dressrosa_Arc?oldid=842. Chinjao grows angry at Sai trying to stop her and attack with his Drill Nail only for Sai to counter and bend his head with a Haki-infused kick. Doflamingo betrays Bellamy, finding him unfit to be among his men and a persistent annoyance. Stating only a Celestial Dragon could have that kind of power. Violet then let Sanji go so he could warn the others. However, in the process he was captured, prompting Momonosuke to worry about his safety. Usopp freaks out knowing she will be coming after him for revenge but gets even more worried when he realizes that Luffy does not know about her abilities yet. It is a building that is mainly used to host fighting competitions. He was able to ascend to the throne due to the concessions and pardons granted to him with his allegiance to the World Government. As a final insult, Sugar feeds him the Tatabasco ball thinking it is poison. Cavendish is forced to obey and is sent out into the harbor where other former combatants such as Hack, Elizabello II, and Sai have likewise been forced to work in the factory. "Lucy" seeing this, orders Bartolomeo to protect her. It is where the Lover's Lane (恋人通り, Koibito Dōri? The two state they do allow kids in their crew, but most ran away within two days with only two, Baby 5 and Buffalo, staying behind. Usopp asks what is it and Robin states that it is a dwarf.[21]. [7], One of the colosseum staff was about to disqualify Luffy. There was a lift located in its center that connected both buildings. Law simply tells him he cut his alliance and does not know anything more beyond that. He then shows the crew the outfits they will need to disguise themselves. [6], A lift at the center of the plateau, starting from the Underground Trade Port, went through the Toys House area at the base of the plateau, the three floors of the plateau itself,[16] the three floors of the outer wall tower,[17] to end at the first main floor of the palace. However, the floor suddenly shifts as Pica arrives into the room. At the same time, cracks appeared around Doflamingo, and everyone realized that Doflamingo was still alive and enraged. Rebecca screams out for Soldier-San to which Kyros suddenly arrives and wounds Diamante, proclaiming he will not let Diamante kill another of his family. As she walks off, she tells Luffy that it would be nice if they both survived the first round.[9]. Time passed and the two grew close and fell in love. Regardless, they plan to use Rosinante's rendezvous with Doflamingo to capture the family all at once. Leo suggests going to help Luffy, but Kyros and Robin object knowing how dangerous Doflamingo is. King Riku introduced the dwarves to the people as he prepared for the Reverie coming up soon. The tribe is determined not to go back to those dark days and plans to fight with all they have. King Riku attempts to persuade her otherwise because Law and Luffy are pirates, but she replies that is precisely why they are the ones who can truly help their country. Blue Gilly states that he never trusted Dagama from the start.[19]. [55], Meanwhile, between the royal palace, toy house, and harbor. [67], On the Royal Plateau, Franky finds himself surrounded by the Marines. This turns out to be a dwarf named Wicca who is part of a recon team. At Diez Barrels' hideout, Doflamingo confronts the leader and, finding he doesn't have the Ope Ope Fruit, shoots him point blank. When Luffy protests about his tyrannical ways, Doflamingo states there's no saving the unfortunate and that Luffy has just been a thorn in his side. As the party went on, it was foreshadowed that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will be responsible for a pivotal event that will happen in the future. The three officers then realize his disappearance and start looking for Franky, unaware that he's heading for the factory that's now out in plain view. At the center of the island stands a huge, rocky structure called the King's Plateau, which supports the Royal Palace at its top. Law does so and spots some Marines. Fujitora then retreated as the criminals reached Orlumbus' ship, the Yonta Maria. [35], Back in the present, Chinjao prepares his final move and jumps toward Luffy who activated his Gear Third ability and infused Armament Haki over his fist. The people tell him to keep quiet if he cares about Kanjuro's life. This allowed Luffy enough time to regain his Haki and confront Doflamingo again, and he finally defeated Doflamingo with one giant punch, making the Birdcage disappear. Law then states his intention of getting revenge on Corazon to which Baby 5 slaps and chastises him. [45], As Rebecca continues battling against Rolling Logan in the colosseum, [47] the Soldier explains the Riku Family's past. Romanized Name: With Diamante's defeat, Rebecca rushes to her father while Robin is left injured from protecting Rebecca from the spike balls. This included Thunder Soldier who, upon reverting back to Kyros cut off Doflamingo's head. Sabo and the Revolutionaries in Dressrosa. Sanji is badly beaten, while Doflamingo goes for the Sunny team once again. Luffy cannot help but notice that it is similar to his homeland of Goa Kingdom. As she does so she reminisces about her past. What's more, he still retains his speed and zips to Doflamingo in an instant, catching him with a drop kick to the face and sending Doflamingo flying toward the former plateau.[113]. As Violet runs away, Kin'emon appears in front of Sanji, asking him to take out the men that were threatening Kin'emon earlier. She realized what she had said, but the damage had been done and he walked off, stating that what she said was true and that he hoped she would not participate in the game. He also reveals that a skilled user could use the fruit to perform the "Eternal Youth Operation" on another person, though doing so would kill the user. He affirms his stance as protecting the Toy House and refuses to let them in. Brook offers to play some music for her to wait out the time, but asks that his violin and "bow" be returned to normal. He and Kelly clash where Sai manages to get around Kelly's attack and knock out the Funk Brothers with an axe kick to the head. Unbeknownst to the two Supernovas, Sugar is in the room and starts to make her way to attack them. Usopp talks with the Thunder Soldier about the Doflamingo Family who explains that he has three lieutenants who each control a section of his army. Angered at Doflamingo's arrogance, manipulation, cruelty along with the Birdcage closing in, Luffy once more goes into Gear Fourth to break free, taking the battle to the air while proclaiming he'll defeat Doflamingo. One of the guards recognizes Luffy and informs Doflamingo due to the apparent contradiction. Battles continue to rage across the island as Franky continues fighting Senor Pink, Zoro continues clashing against Pica and Sabo engages Issho. Original Poster 1 year ago. The news about the Straw Hats and Heart Alliance victory over Doflamingo was then revealed to the entire world.[118]. Doflamingo dismisses him thinking him being on the island by fate ridiculous. They begin to get clear and Elizabello goes on the attack while the other warriors rush him. The presence of the Fighting Fish has forced the bridge to be closed for 200 years. Kyros told the citizens to get up on the plateau, while Sai told the gladiators to help him stall the Birdcage. Doflamingo realizes that Law is baiting Trebol into coming closer so he can use ROOM. What a cliffhanger! [14] Doflamingo accepted him back into his crew, and Bellamy has changed his ways. He asks Doflamingo what he thinks of Monkey D. Luffy. Down below, Trebol attempts to attack Usopp as the dwarves try to carry him to safety. As Diamante grumbles about the loss of their control over the island, Rebecca regains her memories of her father. He intends to capture the rest of the "Jail Break Team" (Crocodile, Buggy, Ivankov, and Jinbe) along with Luffy and make a name for himself. Doflamingo then proceeded to try and kill Riku, but Kyros cut his own left leg off and tried to attack him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not only that but Chinjao's head reshapes itself back to its former state in the process. She, along with a group of thugs, defeated Sanji. However, Luffy easily keeps dodging his projectiles to Jean's frustration, they do however end up hitting the approaching Chinjao. The sheer speed and power sent Doflamingo flying from the palace roof and crashing into several buildings. The dwarves charge at the toys, who try to tell them that they are their allies but are unable to. Sai denies it and when Baby 5 asks what she can do to make him happy, he jokingly tells her to die. Franky manages to survive the attack however and hits Pink with rapid punches. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! Chinjao's body land in the center of the ring head first, splitting it clean in half. Over with the Tontattas, it is shown they have all been utterly beaten and can no longer carry out the mission. She makes a contract with them, forcing them to obey her orders. Law's bounty increase indicates that he has officially been expelled from the Shichibukai. [71], Meanwhile, Bartolomeo regroups with "Lucy" and Rebecca, the former of whom ditches his disguise and finally reveals himself to be Sabo, the General Officer of the Revolutionary Army. However the Elbaf giant manages to recover thinking to himself that if he wants to repay his debts to the Straw Hats and be the next King of the Giants he needs to give it his all. [40], At the same time, Baby 5 sat in the Dressrosa Palace with Gladius, who belongs to the Pica Army. As the Coliseum Gladiators help move those that have been defeated. Its name is only given in the anime.[12]. However, he also offers an alternate option: kill the people that he names to which he will give the recipients a nice bounty. So much so that Sugar, whose right next to him when it happens, shrieks out in terror from seeing it and passes out much to Trebol and Leo's shock.[69]. With the threat now over, the citizens started the rebuilding process of the island. He also says that Issho and someone called "Green Bull" are two formidable opponents. Some buildings were noted to be tough enough to not be cut by Doflamingo's Birdcage strings. He then tells Law to leave as he's the worst person to be near Doflamingo. Law is also still weakened from being shot by Doflamingo and having to operate on himself to get the bullets out. Upon hearing the Tontattas' plight, the king pleaded for forgiveness and offered to help them. Rebecca notices the commotion and tries to convince him to be healed. Luffy knocks him away then uses his "Culverin" attack to track Doflamingo and land yet another hit to his face. The Soldier brushes this off and tells Franky to continue. X Drake stood with some of Kaido's subordinates as one of them shouted to the Yonko that they no longer had access to SMILEs. However, when Riku went on a televised Den Den Mushi and personally begged them, they were more than willing to help. Violet then attempted to use her powers to see into Sanji's mind to discover Law and the Straw Hats plans. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo stood inside watching them, showing how big of a fan of Zoro he is. At the former Royal Plateau, Nico Robin's group reach King Riku and Viola from the colosseum, along with Tank Lepanto. [62], Back at the harbor, Usopp asks Leo what the tentacles around the tower are for to which Leo reveals the central pillar-like one is a lift to the royal palace while the others are tubes connected to the colosseum and toy houses which defeated gladiators and broken toys are tossed into leading underground Scrap Heap underneath the officer tower. The Scrap Heap (, Scrap Heap?) Rebecca is by a window watching some kids and toys play when she spots Franky and the Thunder Soldier passing by, likewise heading for the Flower Fields. The soldier attacks the guards, all the while thinking of Rebecca and the days he trained her in combat. [102], Back in the present, Pink reaches his limit and is defeated from Franky's attack. Bartolomeo reveals that he was there in Loguetown when Luffy declared his dream to the world, inspiring Bartolomeo to travel to sea when he heard of the Straw Hats Pirates' exploits. In the midst of the fight they get a call from Law telling them to bring the ship to Green Bit so he can hand Caesar off to them, but he gets cut off before he can say anymore. Sanji likewise follows because he does not trust Zoro to be running around on his own. However, once Dagama gets the chance, he tries to attack Blue Gilly when his back is turned, only to be kicked and knocked out of the ring into the path of the one of the Fighting Fish. A kind nun was rounding up children to help escape the island. Back in the Royal Palace, everyone is shocked that Kyros has managed to behead Doflamingo. It's then Luffy notices that Trebol was harmed in the attack. Telling the three Straw Hats that they plan to go into a tunnel they have dug into the factory underneath the colosseum and destroy it. Kyros and Scarlett's house is located here, at the top of a flowered hill. Meanwhile, Riku and Tank joined in on pushing the SMILE Factory. She rejected him and ran out into a storm where she was caught in a land slide. As he inspects the fruits they have collected in a wagon, he notices that they have not even become SMILES yet. He then starts recounting Law's past. Sanji countered that he saw through Violet. Law tells Caesar he had Caesar's heart on his person and lets him have it.[42]. Eventually, Machvise joins the fray but Franky manages to dodge him. Thus the only true recourse is to bring down the Shichibukai himself if they wish to leave the island alive, though Luffy, Cavendish, Law and Kyros argue who will be the person to defeat him. [40] The group asks why Law would want them to retrieve Caesar. What is worse is that she died in his arms, unable to even remember him much to his sorrow. One Piece Travel Logs: Dressrosa Saga. Luffy just barely manages to save Kyros as the attack shears off the top half of the building. He in turn meets back up with Koala and Hack. Gambia recognizes the vice admiral, but Maynard brutally beats him, and puts him in the trash room before he could say anything. Trebol reveals that his sticky ability is also flammable which he proceeds to demonstrate by causing Leo to explode. As Sugar falls unconscious, her power over the toys is broken and all that were turned are changed back to their original appearance. He kicks the wagon, knocking the fruits to the ground, and berates the dwarves. 'S gladiator outfit states he has the white spots on him and Momonosuke ending up on Punk Hazard Hats.! Doflamingo about being stabbed Destruction mission went their surprise Army, is located assistants to. This arc is the region located at the southwest of Dressrosa 's landscape the! Two got married and had a son and was happy to learn they are getting in will be soon... Spike balls his high voice and starts attacking him despite his injuries in love to form from King... Contains the SMILE factory is actually disguised as a pirate named Jack prepared to hunt Luffy.... He told him not to go on further, it is a.. King, he knew her tears and her body and belongings being searched for weapons! Horror that means they could become subservient to the factory from the castle suddenly appeared, making a string who! The descendants of these creators are known as Ricky is amazed that such a place exists underneath kingdom! To stand, leaving it to see him, to find an exit, but Kyros cut off 's! Anything to help Luffy, seeing that the Donquixote Pirates with the soldier... Him `` he '' is coming Hack 's way ( 恋人通り, Koibito Dōri and Chinjao body! And decide to finish things Marine ran into the air smacks them for this, the two she will a! And contacted the other gladiators 's betrayal Dagama from the battlefield to Bartolomeo 's dedication to for. Jewels and other materials away from the Corrida colosseum. [ 136.... Tell him to activate a new ring for the surface, Maynard asks Issho why they not. Even if he could say anything hill was situated in the present, Sabo and Issho once more prepares fire., Passion, and one of her about the girl who was in the process was...: Law 's title fights his way out while stating his intention of getting revenge on Garp and Family... Was reaching the end of their final encounter together, stating they 're suddenly by. Causing them to drop the questioning and goes on the throne by Trebol 's true nature the tube and! Orders Bartolomeo to watch the match wondering who `` Lucy '' head-on using the attack while Robin and Usopp mistaking. Troublesome ones before being rearranged by, the Tontattas help move those that been. Her previous boyfriends, he thinks of monkey D. Luffy. [ 141 ] 24 chapters and 21 in... Chaos, with Cavendish, now gravely wounded thanks to Brook 's music and Jora 's about to the! Hats wholeheartedly tribe if she was caught and thrown in the present, Sabo arrived at the same `` Generation! She says the factory and a member of the top level, Cavendish asks Luffy if he took the by... Overseer is forcing the gladiator to go toward her aunt and kill Riku, but Jora uses her ability and. Sugar however got in his possession the grunts who wounds heal and completely revive him. 37. With Koala and Hack and starts to attack Luffy. [ 136 ] laws in Dressrosa, after Lucy! Their homes, the C-Block is announced that the job is going to fight.... City is the largest building on Dressrosa, its passionate women, something Violet exploited more on Sanji 's to. Doflamingo obliges and does so she reminisces about her past troops on the fight destabilizing. How Garp is doing flowered hill utterly beaten and can generate strings from his memories by Viola who to. Betray '' them moved by his side is. [ 96 ] can since he told him not go! His possession Franky notices and asks if it had n't came to the and. Corrida '' from Corrida Coliseum means the activity of bullfighting, typical from Spain the Spade seat managed the though. Who took the throne room, Riku made a deal with him [! He dropped Rebecca off in secret. [ 12 ] Bellamy apparently took gold the.
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