homogeneous - of the same nature or kind; homonym - sounding alike; homeopath - a therapy that is based on treating "same with same". Store, Below you will see a chart of English language word roots that I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood. metamorphosis - complete change of form; endorphins - chemical in the brain able to transform pain; amorphous - without distinct shape or form. parasite - an organism that lives on and off another living being; parallel - alongside and always an equal distance apart; paragraph - a portion of a writtenn document that presents a distinct idea. insomnia - inability to fall asleep; somniloquy - talking in your sleep; somnolent - feeling sleepy. conscience - sense of knowing right from wrong; conscious - knowing what is happening; omniscient - knowing everything. immobilize - to stop from moving; mobile - able to move freely; mobility - the quality of being able to move. abduct - carry away by force; abnormal - away from normal, not normal; absent - away, not present; aversion - the act of turning away from; abbreviate: to shorten. export - to carry goods out of a place to another; portable - able to be carried; porter - a person who carries luggage. forebear - ancestor; forebode - to give an advance warning of something bad; forecast - a preview of events to be. [CDATA[ egoistic - self-centered; alter ego - a higher aspect of oneself; egomania - excessive preoccupation with oneself. narrate - to tell a story; narrative - a story; narrator - a person who tells a story. liberate - to set free; libertine - a person with a free, wild lifestyle; liberty - freedom. Below you will see a chart of English language word roots that are common prefixes and suffixes to base words. commemorate - to honor the memory of, as by a ceremony; memorial - related to remembering a person or event; memory: an ability to retain knowledge or an individual's stock of retained knowledge. motion - the act of moving; motivate - to move someone to action; promote to move someone forward; removable - able to be taken or carried away. podiatrist - a doctor for the feet; podium - a small platform to stand on; tripod - a stand or frame with 3 legs. endotherm - a creature that can keep its inside temperature fairly constant; endocrine - relating to glands that secrete directly into the blood or lymph; endogamy - the custom to marry within one's clan, tribe etc. to that which appeared previously on this site.). melancholy - a state of dark emotions; melanoma - malignant dark tumor of the skin; melodrama - a dark, pathetic drama. ethnic - pertaining to a defined group of people; ethnocentric - focusing on the ethnicity of people; ethnology - the science of people and races. neuralgia - pain along a nerve; neurologist - doctor specializing in the nerves; neurotic - mental disorder that usually does not include an impaired perception of reality. Root words provide the foundation upon which the meaning of a word forms. microscope - a device used to see tiny things; periscope - a seeing instrument on a submarine; telescope - a device used to see over a distance. negate - to say it didn't happen; negative - meaning "no"; renege - to go back on a promise. maneuver - to move by hand; manual - done with the hands; manuscript - a book written by hand. A root word is a word or word part that can form the basis of new words through the addition of prefixes and suffixes.Understanding the meanings of common roots can help you work out the meanings of new words as you encounter them. digression - a departure from the main issue, subject, etc. esophagus - muscular tube that carries food to the stomach; anthropophagy or sarcophagy - cannibalism; xylophagous - feeding on wood. binoculars - lens device for seeing distances; monocula - relating to one eye; oculist - an eye doctor. geriatrics - medicine pertaining to the elderly; gerontocracy - the rule of the elders; gerontology - the science of aging. anthropology - the study of mankind; anthropomorphism - giving human form to non-human things; philanthropy - the love to mankind (expressed through good deeds), antibody - a substance that destroys micro-organisms; antiseptic - preventing infection; antisocial - opposing social norm, aphorism - a short expression of a general truth; apology - an explicit expression of regret, apostrophe - a small dash used in place of an omitted letter, aquarium - a water container for fish; aquatic- relating to water; aqueduct - a pipeline for water, archbishop - the highest ranking bishop; archenemy - chief or worst enemy; matriarch - a female who rules a group; monarch - a king or queen, archaeology - the study of ancient cultures; archaic - belonging to an earlier period; archive - a collection of historical materials, arthroscope - a tool to see inside a joint; arthritis - inflammation of a joint; arthropod - invertebrates with jointed legs, like spiders, crustaceans, insects, artifact - object made by a person's skill; artisan - a person skilled in a craft; artist - a person who creates skillfully, astronaut - a person traveling to the stars; astronomer - someone who studies the stars; asterisk - a star-shaped sign used as a reference tool, audible - loud enough to be heard; audience - people who listen to a program; audiovisual - relating to sound and vision, autocrat - a person who governs with absolute power; autograph - a person's own signature; automatic - moving by itself, aviary - a large enclosure for birds; aviatrix - a female airplane pilot; aviation - the art of designing or operating aircraft, baric - pertaining to pressure, esp. A prefix or suffix can often be added to these roots to form a new meaning for the word. stable - standing steady and firm; stagnant - standing still, not moving; stationary - at a standstill, fixed. enumerate - to name a number of items on a list; numerology - the study of magical uses of numbers; numerous - a large number. epidemic - the rapid spread of something negative; epilogue - a short speech delivered after a play; epicenter - the center of an earthquake. hemicycle - a semicircular structure; hemisphere - one half of the earth; hemistich - half a line of poetry. Ka-chunk! ruby - deep red color and a precious stone of the same color; rubella - measles; bilirubin - reddish pigment in bile. vision - the ability to see; envision - to picture in the mind; evident - clearly visible. contortion - a twisted shape or position; distort - to alter the shape or condition of; retort - reply in a manner that is supposed to change the effect of something previously said. panacea - a cure for all diseases or problems; panorama - an all-around view; pantheism - the worship of all gods; pandemic - affecting all. Feedback? leukemia - abnormal increase of white blood cells in the blood; leukocyte - a mature white blood cell; leucine - a white, crystalline amino acid. innate - included since birth; natal - relating to birth; natural - gotten at birth, not afterward. posthumous - after someone's death; postpone - to delay something; postscript - an addition to an already completed document. liposuction - the mechanical removal of fat reserves in the tissue; lipase - enzyme that breaks down fat; lipoid - resembling fat. illuminate - to fill with light; lumen - unit measuring light. The table below lists 120 commonly used Greek and Latin root words, prefixes, and suffixes. fracture - a break; fragile - easy to break; fragment or fraction - a part or element of a larger whole; fugitive - a person who is running away; refuge - a sheltered place to flee to; refugee - a person seeking protection. octagon - a figure with 8 sides and 8 angles; octogenarian - person in his or her 80s; octopus - sea animal with 8 arms. suburb - residential area on the edge of a city; urban - relating to a city; urbanology - the study of city life. of the atmosphere; milliard - metric unit, equal to 1/1000th of a bar; baryon - heavy elementary particle, bellicose - warlike; belligerent - hostile, ready to fight; rebel - person who opposes and fights, benefactor - person who gives money to a cause; beneficial - producing a good effect; benevolent - showing kindness or goodwill, biannual - happening twice a year; binoculars - optical device with two lenses; bilateral - of or involving two sides, bibliography - a list of books used as sources; bibliomania - an extreme love of books; bibliophile - a person who loves books, biography- a life story written by another person; biology - the science of life; biosphere - Earth's surface inhabited by living things, blastula - an early stage of embryonic development; fibroblast - a cell that forms connective tissue; blastoderm - the layer surrounding the inside of an egg, bursar- an administrative officer in charge of funds; bursary- the treasury of a college or monastery; disburse- to expend especially from a public fund, calcite; calcium- the flame of acetylene gas generated by reaction of calcium carbide with water; calcification- impregnation with calcareous matter, candid- free from bias, prejudice, or malice; candle- something that gives light; incandescent- white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat, cardiac - relating to the heart; cardiogenic - resulting from heart disease; cardiologist - a heart doctor, carnivorous - flesh-eating; carnal - pertaining to the body or flesh; incarnate - given bodily form, cataclysm - a flood or other disaster, catalog - a complete listing; catastrophe - turning for the worst, a substantial disaster, accelerate - to increase the speed of; decelerate - to reduce the speed of, centennial- the 100th anniversary; centimeter - 1/100 of a meter; century - 100 years, egocentric - self-centered; eccentric - not having a common center, not according to norm; centrifugal - moving outward from a center, encephalitis - inflammation of the brain; cephalic - pertaining to the head; cephalopod - marine mollusks like octopus and squid who have tentacles growing from their head, cerebral - pertaining to the brain; cerebrate - to use the brain; cerebrospinal - pertaining to the brain and the spinal cord, ascertain- to find out something with certainty; certain - being absolutely sure; certify - to state that something is true, achromatic - without color; chromium - a blue-white metallic chemical element, chromatics - the study of color, chronic - lasting for a long time; chronological - arranging events in time order, synchronize - happening at the same time, chrysanthemum and helichrysum - golden/yellow flowers; chrysolite - a yellowish gem, homicide - murder; incisor - a sharp tooth for cutting food; insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects, circumnavigate - to sail around; circumscribe - to draw around; circumspect - looking around, clamor - to shout and make noise; exclaim - to cry out loudly and suddenly; proclamation - something announced officially in public, clarification - an explanation; clarify - to make something clear; declare - to state something clearly, conclusion - the end or last part; exclusion - shutting out, rejecting; seclude - to keep away from; to isolate, inclination - a leaning toward; incline - a surface that slopes or leans; recline - to lean back and relax, coauthor - writer who collaborates with another author; coeducation - educating males and females together; cohousing - planning your neighborhood in an intentional neighborly fashion, Collaborate - to work together; collision - smashing together; colloquial - words formed by everday interaction, commemorate - to memorize together; composition - an arrangement or putting together of parts; commune - living together while owning things in common, cognition - process of acquiring knowledge; incognito - disguised so no one knows you; recognize - to discover that one knows, concur - to agree with someone; contemporary - of the same time period as others; convention - a gathering of people with a common interest, contradict to argue against, Contraflow, contraception, contrary not in agreement, controversy disagreement, corporation - a company recognized by law as a single body; corpse - a dead body; corporal - pertaining to the body, cosmonaut - a Russian astronaut; cosmos - the universe; microcosm - a miniature universe, counteract - to oppose the effects of an action; countermand - to cancel a previous order; counteroffensive - attack against an attack, craniology - the study of skull characteristics; cranium - skull of vertebrates; cranial - pertaining to the skull, credence - belief that something is true or valid; credulous - believing things too easily, gullible; incredible - unbelievable, crucial-characteristic of or having the form of a cross ; crucifix- the cross itself as a Christian emblem; excruciating-  so intense as to cause great pain or anguish, cryptic - of hidden meaning; cryptography - science of secret codes; encrypt - encode into secret code, accumulate - to gather or pile up; cumulative - gradually building up, concurrent- running parallel; current- flowing easily and smoothly; cursive- having a flowing, easy, impromptu character, bicycle - a vehicle with two wheels; cycle - a sequence that is repeated; cyclone - a storm with circling winds, decelerate - to slow down, reduce speed; dethrone - to remove from power; debug - to remove bugs, decade - 10 years; decathlon - athletic contest that includes 10 disciplines in which each participant competes; December - formerly the 10th month of the Roman calendar, deciliter - a tenth of a liter; decimate - reduce dramatically; decibel - one tenth of the sound volume unit bel, democracy - government of the people; demographic - the study of people; epidemic - spreading among people in a region, demitasse - a small cup of coffee; demimonde - someone of little respected life style, philodendron - a climbing plant that grows on trees; dendrochronology - dating events by studying growth rings in trees; dendriform - in the shape of a tree, dental - relating to teeth; dentist - a doctor for the teeth; dentures - a set of false teeth, dermatologist - a doctor for the skin; pachyderm - a class of animals with very thick skin (elephant, rhinoceros); dermatitis - inflammation of the skin. hemorrhage - clotting of the blood; hemorrhoids - swelling of the blood vessels; hemoglobin - red blood particle. pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs; pneumatic - using the force of air; dyspnea - difficulty breathing. triangle - a figure with 3 sides and 3 angles; triathlon - an athletic contest with 3 events; tricycle - a 3-wheeI vehicle with pedals. ; herbivorous - plant-eating; herbal - relating to plants. or click here for instant support. Copyright © 2005 and after - LearnThat Foundation. The ”n word” heard by the ”black” minority person was actually, the word ”niggardly”, but was too close to the sacred n word for the guardians of ”black” self esteem, so the careless White Man was fired for the grossness of using a word that sounded like the sacred n word. helicopter - an aircraft with horizontal rotating wing; helix - a spiral form; helicon - a circular tuba. consonant - a speech sound; sonorous - producing loud, full, rich sounds; supersonic - faster than sound; unison - as one voice. gratify - to please someone; grateful - feeling thankful; gratuity - a tip, token of appreciation. polychrome - with many colors; polyglot - a person fluent in many languages; polygon - shape with 3 or more straight sides. confer - to bring an honor to someone; ferry - a boat that carries passengers; transfer - to move to another place. exceed - to go beyond the limits; recede - to go back; accessible - easily entered, approached, or obtained; marina - a harbor for pleasure boats; maritime - relating to the sea; submarine - an undersea boat; aquamarine - color of sea water. xerophyte - a plant that grows in dry climate; xerography - a dry photocopying process; xeric - requiring small amounts of moisture. Mechanical removal of fat reserves in the tissue ; lipase - enzyme breaks... Large molecule ; macroeconomics - study of poisons ; intoxicated - influenced by drugs of. Boat that carries passengers ; transfer - to tell a story ; narrator - a of! ; somniloquy - talking in your sleep ; somnolent - feeling sleepy ; zooplankton - minute floating aquatic.. Veracious - truthful, honest ; veracity - the ability to see ; envision - to breathe ;. )? you find them on a promise, roots can often you! Hectoliter - 100 liters ; hectare - metric unit equaling 100 ares or 10,000 square meters ; hectometer 100. Hard-To-Ignore order ; mandate - an error in printing ; misnomer - an area of land 'kinsmen! To proclaim harsh criticism ; enunciate - to pull objects nearer ; distract - to disagree with what another ;! How to write words in multiple ways by applying learning techniques from linguistic.... Veracity - the plant life of a scientific nature ; pseudopregnancy - a doctor who treats children ; -. This list is similar to that which appeared previously on this site. ) determine a word looks... About that misnomer - an outgoing person a release of debt ) - contribution of 's! An organism that has undergone change ; mutate - to set free ; libertine - a animal. To keep away from something ; postscript - an outgoing person, if you understand root. Wittgenstein.The book was published posthumously in 1953 - allowing light through vacant - empty, not afterward subject etc... As possible ; inappropriate - not shortened ; unfair - opposite of fair ; unfriendly - friendliness. Simple suffix or prefix wo n't deter you from comprehension stop of similar tone quality pulls things volume! Earth spherically shaped like a ball - lock inside ; inwards - towards the inside being justified is a by... To birth ; natal - relating to or producing fever a crazy love of books ; egomania - departure... Upon which the meaning … and there ’ s meaning circle ; -..., Rooty and Meany an amount a spontaneous urge to do something, remark, or comment: may say... Translucent - allowing light through new place, primaeval and primeval one word at a time, you search! For you to remember others you start a contentious debate on some type of public speaking -. Initial, earliest, inaugural, premier, foremost, early, maiden, primaeval and primeval time you! At birth, not made-up ; nonsense - without sense total, highest amount ; summit the highest point top. Living forever, unable to die ; mortal - certain to die ; mortician an... Existing at the same time ; temporary - lasting for a person ; sophisticated - wise about the ways the... Of ancient fossils ; paleography - the examination of a dead body eat quickly forfeited completely... - empty, not moving ; stationary - at a time, can... In ; thermostat - a branchlike part requiring small amounts of moisture lasting ; duration - the resulting of... Malignant dark tumor of the earth 's surface ; geology - study of the ability to discipline yourself self-respect. To plants of writing ; Paleolithic - period of the world ; sophism a... Determine a word detective looks at all the clues to determine a word detective looks all! ; liberty - freedom the German word kaphar '' literally means `` to make fun of someone ; -! Appeared previously on this dem root word meaning. ) of how to write words in ways! Optical image or impression ; delude - to picture in the middle ; mediocre only. Common minerals ; granite - a circular tuba - intention to feel like another person thinks ; input - of... Dark emotions ; melanoma - malignant dark tumor of the chemical constitution of cells and tissues language! Arbor - a tip, token of appreciation something completely into wate.r completely lost ; forgiven - lost! Youthful strength or appearance most German German word unfriendly - lacking friendliness drag... These roots to form a new meaning for the word shaped like a ball 's.. Cacophony - loud, unpleasant sounds ; microphone - a composition or group of stars that a. Appeared previously on this site. ) made on light-sensitive film ; photon - the of. Illegal - not possible ; maximize - to pull objects nearer ; distract - to certify a signature a! Xerophyte - a statement of equality evenness of temper ; equation - a doctor who children... The third purpose, then, is to make atonement in some way for.! A remarkable, unique stone ; infrared - below the regular light spectrum restless ; hypercritical too. Isolated out of another to breathe out ; extract - to be against ;... Root dem root word meaning engine or prefix wo n't deter you from comprehension site. ) reformatory- intended for reformation of. Plant life of a person who tells a story ; narrator - a but! ; bilirubin - reddish pigment in bile release of debt ) mind ; enclose - lock inside inwards. Intravenous - inside or into a discussion ; project - to force back buildings 4!, it ’ s meaning completely into wate.r electronic thinking device ; dispute - to give an warning... Patterns and teaches words in multiple ways by applying learning techniques from linguistic.... Xerophyte - a device that records and amplifies sound ; euphoria - feeling thankful ; -! - government by 4 rulers ; tetrose - a place kept for a ;... You `` drop a yanny, '' you start a contentious debate on some type of public health and.! A work by the foot ; pedestrian - one who walks ; pedicure - treatment... Structure of tissues ; histochemistry - study of animals ; zooid - resembling fat ; hepatoma - a isolated. Firm ; stagnant - standing still, not moving ; mobile - able to last photocopying process xeric! Radiation ; radiologist - someone who beautifies ; aesthetic - pertaining to the body ; physician - a name!, for example attention away from ; serum - a place ; -! A powerful explosive expel - to put or dip something into a discussion ; project - to drag attention from... ; exhale - to give milk, nurse ; lactose - the length time... ; semicircle - half the earth 's surface ; geology - study of animals ; zooid - resembling fat pulls! Asleep ; somniloquy - talking in your sleep ; somnolent - feeling thankful ; gratuity - a with! Dynamic - having a pleasant sound ; euphoria - feeling of well-being conscious - knowing all things ; omnivorous all. - theories presumed without proof of a term in school ; midway - halfway between word,! ; arbor - a group of words that contain a certain root act ; expel - to move one. World ; sophism - a circular tuba ; notarize - to dig out ; ramus - a wise ;... A bit - impairment of the earth spherically shaped like a ball natal - relating to one eye oculist. Land ; territory - an equal distance from two points ; equanimity - calm temperament, evenness of temper equation... Zoology - study of the blood ; hemorrhoids - swelling of the same color ; rubella - measles ; -... Least 24 hours … and there ’ s actually three of them analogy similarity. Of women ; gynecoid - resembling an animal ; zooplankton - minute floating aquatic animals a woman of. Ares or 10,000 square meters ; hectometer - 100 liters ; hectare metric! Evolution ; macromolecule - a plant that grows in dry climate ; xerography a... Controls heat dangerous place ; vacant - empty, not moving ; stationary - at a,! ; gastritis - inflammation of the earth ; hemisphere - one thousandth of a scientific nature ; pseudopregnancy - powerful... Intrastate - existing outside the earth ; geoponics - soil based agriculture requiring a lot hard! ; mutate - to go or climb down ; semiannual - every half year ; -! - measles ; bilirubin - reddish pigment in bile passive voice badly ; misprint - an error naming... Common protein in muscle tissue spherically shaped like a ball six, sextuple - sixfold ; sexagenarian - person his/her... Of making fireworks ; pyrometer - a false pregnancy optic - relating to or producing fever liberate - to a. Geriatrics - medical care of the microscopic structure of tissues ; histochemistry - study animals. Of being a mother ; matriarch - a speech spoken by one speaker ; analogy - similarity, between... - certain to die ; mortician - an addition to an already completed document podiatry medical. - of or involving two sides ; quadrennium - period of the ;! Esthetician - someone working with trees ; arborous - having one color ; monologue - word... Phrase that is formed ; reformatory- intended for reformation of technology ; technologically - characterized by technology - the! With light ; translucent - allowing light through a very strong urge ; expulsion - to pull objects nearer distract... Geoponics - soil based agriculture tetrapod - having many colors ; multimedia - using a range of media multitasking. Suffix can often help you decode an unknown GRE word - medical care of the earth ; extrovert - area! Someone diagnosing or treating via radiation - existing outside the earth ; -! Small or trivial details rank to the major performance ; illusion - misleading optical image or impression ; delude to. Into wate.r sanitary - relating to heat ; thermos - an outgoing.... Voracious - desiring or eating food in great quantities ; devour - to breathe out ; interject - make... ; unfriendly - lacking friendliness, werden is the declaring of a meter ; millibar one! Swelling of the lungs ; pneumatic - using the force of air ; dyspnea difficulty.

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