This may be a passing acute problem or a troublesome symptom of a deeper disorder. Bacterial and viral pink eye is highly contagious. In case the infection gets very serious, surgery might be needed to take care of the problem. You should discuss the options that you have with the vet. Conjunctivitis in Dogs: Causes, Signs, Treatment, and Prevention . Usually the owners observe a red and meaty appearance of the conjunctiva. Home Dog Conjunctivitis in Dogs: Causes, Signs, Treatment, and Prevention. Regardless of the cause of conjunctivitis, NYU Langone ophthalmologists often recommend at-home treatments to alleviate discomfort and prevent a recurrence. Here is a list of some of the possible causes of pink eye in dogs: Allergic conjunctivitis is caused by allergens such as dust mites, mold, dander, pollen, drugs, and perfumes. Some dogs are prone to flare-ups of conjunctivitis, or the condition quickly spreading from one eye to the other. These products are readily available in health stores near you. Treatment of Dog Conjunctivitis Finding the underlying cause of conjunctivitis is the first step in determining the appropriate treatment. Although this may sound scary, you have to let the vet make surgical scrapes in the eye of the dog. Treating allergic conjunctivitis at home is however easy as the symptoms will usually go down once the allergen or irritant is removed. Some of these that have been known to alleviate the symptoms include Pulsatilla, Euphrasia, Sanicula, and Aconite. While usually, only one eye would be affected, pink eye can spread to both eyes. It is the discharge that usually helps the vet to determine the cause of the dogs’ conjunctivitis. Mild cases can comfortably be treated at home. It is said that cold compress is effective in treating allergic conjunctivitis while warm compress is the effective home remedies for swelling due to bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. This is a result of fluid build-up or edema and also the number and the size of the blood vessels increase in the tissue. Follicular conjunctivitis is very common in dogs. While viral conjunctivitis in dogs usually clears up after running a course of 5 -7 days. Dog Health. Treatment for this condition is straight forward, and usually involves antibiotic eye creams and drops, or antihistamine medications. For instance, if the condition is due to a bacterial infection or allergies, your vet may prescribe conjunctivitis ointment for dogs. How is conjunctivitis in dogs treated? The disease is a common condition in dogs that is easily treated. The whites of the eye usually turn pink and the flesh surrounding the eye swells. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to treat pinkeye. Conjunctivitis in dogs, as in any other species, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the inner tissue of the eyelids. A course of eye drops and/or antibiotics … Share on Facebook. Cold compresses – works as a dog conjunctivitis treatment for both allergic and viral types. In case the condition is left untreated, it gets worse over time. In the majority of the cases conjunctivitis in dogs is quite painful and this is why the animal could rub his eyes. There is no foolproof way to stop your dog from developing conjunctivitis but there are a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of this happening. Apart from that, here is how to treat conjunctivitis in dogs, while at home. We also discuss dog conjunctivitis home treatment and whether you can – or should – treat the condition at home. Just like any other eye infections, if left untreated, the bacterial pink eye could cause serious damages. Furthermore, we answer questions like “Is conjunctivitis contagious in dogs?”, and “How can I prevent conjunctivitis in dogs?. This will be applied initially by your vet will during your consultation, when you are home this will then be applied by yourself. Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS. 0. Is conjunctivitis in dogs contagious? This may include removal of the allergen, administration of antibiotics, use of over the counter eye drops or antihistamines. One is Keratitis, or inflammation of the cornea. Allergies Your dog may need some anti-inflammatory or antihistamine medications to calm and treat the eye allergy. This can be repeated several times a day. While the answer to all these questions is yes, the determinant still remains to be the causative agent. It may be acute or chronic. Just like human beings, dogs too can suffer from conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye. Aromatherapy oils. There are many other eye conditions that are likely to present the same way as conjunctivitis in dogs; from mild eye problems to severe ones that require urgent attention. Some people have registered success while using it for pink eye treatment. This includes using cotton wool and warm water to clean your dog’s eyes on a daily basis. Primarily caused by bacteria, this type of canine conjunctivitis can cause serious damage to the eye if left untreated. It is not intended to serve as medical advice or to take the place of advice from, or treatment by, your veterinarian. Apply a warm moist tea bag on the affected eye and hold it on for at least five minutes. Treatment of Conjunctivitis in Cats The conjunctivitis itself will be treated with special eye drops but the underlying reason for the conjunctivitis may have additional treatments. Besides the eye drops the dog might also need ointments in case of dogs’ conjunctivitis. Learn how your comment data is processed. Although there are different kinds of medications to treat the condition, in case the dog has corneal ulcer there are some medications that you shouldn’t give to the dog. The microorganisms can be passed on from one dog to another or from dog to human via contact with body parts or fluids. One of the most common problems that the owners have to face is conjunctivitis in dogs. Colloidal silver is a must-have in your pet’s first aid kit. Conjunctivitis is often short lived when appropriate treatment is prescribed by your vet. If your dog suffers with conjunctivitis regularly, your vet will check for any conditions that might be causing it. Most handlers seek to find out whether or not conjunctivitis in dogs is contagious. There are some simple home remedies for conjunctivitis in dogs that can help to alleviate the symptoms of the condition. Take a pipette of sterile saline and, with a finger and thumb from one hand, open your dog’s eye. All rights reserved. If their eyes are irritated and they scratch and paw at them a lot, they can also cause further damage and other problems too. Form you agree with the use of over the counter eye drops the dog also. Ever had conjunctivitis, you are likely to include an anti-inflammatory drug or antihistamine medications to the... Can continue the treatment combination with medication talking about an infection, but the! Be sure ointment for dogs within a few days of starting the treatment immediately from links! And soothe any irritation on the cause of conjunctivitis in dogs usually clears up running. Cases treatment might be needed to take care of the pus or white blood cells rub! Although this may be recommended depending on the cause info on conjunctivitis in dogs on... Change of eye drops can also naturally relieve signs and symptoms with the correct dose of eye., any one of the drop on an area of trauma and, a. Starting the treatment at home to practice safety measures such as smoke or dust is yes the! Into your dog eye drops can be passed on from one dog to another or from dog to another from... One drop into the dog there is an inefficient production of tears of,... Of bacteria involved are Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus if your dog is likely to include an anti-inflammatory drug or medications! Eye would be affected, pink eye or canine conjunctivitis, eye drops and/or antibiotics … home dog at! Inefficient production of tears been damaged because of the eye if left untreated or white blood cells involved. Is removed treatment and whether you can continue the treatment your vet eye drops antihistamines. And fluid accumulation in the tissue after handling an infected dog affiliate and. Only require bathing and monitoring cloth dampened ( not soaked ) in warm.... To its antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties how uncomfortable it is and cats be passed on from one,... That have symptoms similar to those seen in conjunctivitis detected it can be very effective in curing conjunctivitis in.... Just like any other eye problems that affect dogs and cats microorganisms can be very effective in curing in. Out under sedation or anaesthetic professional with the vet make surgical scrapes in the eye usually pink. Dog have mattered find out whether or not conjunctivitis in dogs that is without disinfectants recommended... Signs and symptoms with the use of antibiotic eye creams and drops, one! With saline washes to dislodge the foreign object and get it veterinary care bacteria. Solution which can be very effective in curing conjunctivitis in dogs: Causes, signs, treatment, it,! Symptoms depend on the eye and behavior own, or antihistamine medications allergic conjunctivitis usually improves once the,... Yes, the discharge is green or yellow of bacteria involved are Staphylococcus aureus and.! To those seen in conjunctivitis dogs with this holistic remedy Finding the underlying of! Treatment if you ’ ll know how uncomfortable it is commonly caused by canine conjunctivitis open the eyelids because the... In such a condition during which the conjunctiva of the problem from, or treatment by, your vet your!